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To the Kingsmead Neighbourhood Plan at the Referendum on the 4th May

Please vote YES to vote for:

  1. Better policies on parking and traffic

  2. Support for developments for industry and offices to provide local employment

  3. Get extra protection from development for our green spaces such as Foxholes Woodland, Cromwell Road allotments and The Pines Woods.

  4. Protect our local playgrounds and recreation areas such as Pinehurst recreation ground, Foxholes Avenue and Rowleys Road Playgrounds

  5. Protect our beautiful views of areas like The Meads from being obscured by excessively high buildings.

  6. Protect Heritage Assets such as the bowl barrow and industrial heritage on the New River and River Lea

  7. And much more! Full details are in the KNP Plan which is available to download here:

Kingsmead Neighbourhood Plan
Download PDF • 21.60MB

A Yes vote will also show your support for the Action Plan which includes many ideas to improve our area. Everything from better walking routes to schools and places of interest to parking improvements to reducing risk of flooding to installing hedgehog highways and swift boxes.

Just say YES to the Kingsmead Neighbourhood Plan becoming part of the planning regulations on Star Wars Day at the Local Council Elections*! * May the 4th be with you If it gets a YES vote what happens next?

The policies in the plan will be used to inform planning decisions in Kingsmead and KNP organisation will continue to exist to push for the improvements in the action plan, possibly to review and revise the plan and comment on policies being followed for planning decisions.

What area does it cover as there are new boundaries for Kingsmead Ward this Election?

The plan covers the original area of Kingsmead, not the new addition to the electoral ward ie Caxton Hill plus streets from Raynham St to Hertford East. Only people in the original boundaries will be able to vote in the referendum but if we get the majority of Yes at the referendum it may be possible to revise the plan to include the new 'bit' later

What is the Vision for the Plan?

To develop a sustainable, safe and prosperous neighbourhood by promoting a range of good quality, sustainable developments, including residential, small business, local shops and local services that meet the needs of Kingsmead residents & organisations, whilst protecting and enhancing biodiversity, and enhancing the green spaces of Kingsmead.To provide new and diverse leisure /recreational activities enabling safe, healthy and crime-free lifestyles, for all generations.To promote alternative methods to vehicular transport within and across Kingsmead coupled with local services to reduce car journeys thereby reducing traffic intensity, improving air quality and promoting a healthy lifestyle for residents.

What are the Objectives for the Plan?

  1. Provide a Biodiversity Net Gain for all new build and refurbishment projects in Kingsmead

  2. Include energy and water efficiency standards for new build and refurbishment projects that are enhanced compared to existing legislative norms to meet or exceed the LETI Climate Emergency Design Guide

  3. Provide services, employment and housing in navigable clusters for new developments in line with the principles of the 20 minute neighbourhood (See Glossary) (Town and Country Planning Association)

  4. Increase the provision of 3 bed houses and 2 bed bungalows on brownfield sites

  5. Retain / attract small business ventures wherever practicably possible to promote a mixture of use and reduce commuting

  6. Design in crime prevention measures to reduce anti-social behaviour, petty crime and illegal drug littering

  7. Ensure the community is enabled to access primary healthcare

  8. Develop community facilities to meet the current and future needs of all demographics of the community

  9. Protect and enhance current green spaces, increase biodiversity and eco system services and provide new green space to improve climate impact adaptation and mitigation

  10. Enable Kingsmead Residents to live more sustainable lifestyles

  11. Improve all modes of travel but particularly sustainable travel conditions, road safety and mitigate the impact of development on local roads

  12. Enhance commuter, shopping, school and other walking routes via pavements and/or off road footpaths to attract more pedestrians for short journeys within and across the borough

  13. Provide commuter, shopping, school and other cross borough cycle routes including cycle parking to improve connectivity to transport hubs; extending and connecting the existing cycle network to join up routes and thereby increase levels of cycling to reduce vehicle traffic; particularly the school run

  14. Provide realistic improvements to affordable, local, public transport to make it a preferred option over cars

  15. Implement a residential and business car parking schemes together with communal car charging points to free up road space, reduce inappropriate parking on pavements and optimise travel

  16. Ensure that development in the area is catered for by appropriate, local, educational provision.

So, we the committee at KNP ask: Please vote YEA YEA and THRICE YEA to the KNP being approved at referendum! It is the culmination of a lot of hard work and will only succeed if everyone turns out to vote YES! Thank You!


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